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Thank you for a great 2023-2024 RDDA Season!

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If you are interested in racing with us this Season, please follow these steps:

Note: The RDDA Forum is a private community and the official regatta communications channel. It is used for RDDA discussions only.

  • Sign-up for Race Committee Service:  you are required to serve for two or three days, or more, regardless of how many days you will be able to race. RC service is a key part of our volunteer culture and is a requirement for qualification. Sign-up early to get your days you want.

Consider using the same contact information for both services.

New Members:

  • If you are borrowing a boat, you will receive an email with your scoring (racing) number from the Score Keeper, Karen Martinez.
  • In order to be scored on a Sunday, you must be registered by noon on the prior Wednesday. However, you are welcome to serve on Race Committee, if you don't meet the deadline. 

Answers to Frequent Questions:

  • You do not need to be a member of RYC.
  • We encourage boat sharing.  Contact your RDDA Co-Chairs, Bobby Pruett and Kevin Kelley, if you are interested. 

Key Documents:

YRALIS Frostbiting Championship - March 16, 2024