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RDDA Overview

The Riverside Dyer Dinghy Association - "Frostbiting"

The Riverside Dyer Dinghy Association ("RDDA") is a group of sailors who do not believe that spring and summer are the only times to be on the water. The fall and winter months offer spectacular sailing and, with an average of 40 boats on the line, exciting racing as well!

"Just remember, when it's snowing, you can see the wind shifts."

The RDDA holds races every Sunday from October through March in Cos Cob harbor off the Riverside Yacht Club docks. We race for two hours with as many as 8 starts depending on the conditions. Start times are dictated by the tides and vary from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM. We sail in the world renowned Dyer Dinghy, a 10 foot sail boat that is easy to learn and difficult to master. With over 70 boats the fleet is divided into 2 divisions. There is always great competition and the opportunity to win silver against sailors of similar skill. Our sailors of both sexes range in age from mid-teens to mid 60's with some of the more senior members of the fleet consistently challenging for the lead.

The weather conditions range from balmy breezes and warm water in October, to shoveling the snow out of your boat and dodging ice in February. We sail in wind ranges from zero to 20 knots, using either the regular sail or a cut-down sail for the more blustery days.

Safety is an obsession with the fleet. There are always several crash boats to assist those sailors who find themselves in trouble. Occasionally boats capsize and sailors go swimming: in October, embarrassing, in February, invigorating. In either case one of the crash boats will collect the dampened sailor within a matter of seconds and deliver them to the RYC dock promptly; wet, but safe! While all sailors are required to wear PFDs, the choice of gear from there ranges from dry suits to 30 year old foul weather gear.

The opportunity to race over the fall and winter season gives sailors a chance to stay sharp, improve their skills, brush up on the rules, meet other sailors, and most importantly, have fun on the water! Clinics, including team and match racing, are held in conjunction with the RDDA season; providing opportunities for fleet members to improve their technique, as well as racing knowledge.

Membership in the RDDA is open to all, although sponsorship by a member of Riverside Yacht Club is required. For those seeking more information please contact Fleet Captains:

Kevin Erensen and/or John Logue

Want to know more?

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