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Guest Boaters

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Riverside Yacht Club welcomes visiting yachtsmen for overnight stays, or just for a lunch or dinner visit. Guests of club members and members of yacht clubs with reciprocal privileges are welcome whenever space is available in our marina or among our moorings.

Located inside Cos Cob Harbor, our marina is one of the finest among private yacht clubs on Long Island Sound. Our notable assets include:

  • A large and secure marina. Our concrete docks, installed in 1998 and expanded in 2000, provide 162 berths and over a mile of linear slip space.
  • A deep and well-protected mooring field served by two launches.
  • On our fuel dock, we feature Valv-tect gasoline and diesel fuel and a pump-out station. Credit cards are accepted.
  • Dry sailing facilities include a two-ton and a three-ton lift.

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