41°01'25" N | 73°35'30" W


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RYC's weather station

Our "personal weather station" (PWS) collects wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric, humidity, and dew point data and publishes it to internet weather services every five minutes.

The data from the station is transmitted to weather reporting and forecasting services Weather Underground, SailFlow and WeatherLink. Each provide detailed browser and mobile app views of the data from our PWS exclusively.

November 15, 2023

Our station has been upgraded to a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2. The sensor is mounted above the Dock House and has a wireless connection to a WeatherLink hub which connects to the WeatherLink Live service via the internet. You can find a display of the data in the Yardarm Bar and in the RYC website banner.

Special thanks go to Kevin Erensen, Chuck Ziegler, Chris Lange, and Will Morrison for making it happen.

1. See our data shared through to other services

  • Any personal device such as the framed Yardarm Bar Display tablet located on the port side of the bar. Give it a minute for the data to load. The data is refreshed every 5 minutes. The gust info is based on a 15 minute rolling window.

       You can copy the display URL to access the same display on your mobile or on a device at home.  

 2. Get a forecast from SailFlow/WindAlert

This display uses the SailFlow-WRF forecast model

 3. See alternative predictions based on forecast model(s) you select

Questions or suggestions? contact Will Morrison