41°01'25" N | 73°35'30" W


 RYC's weather station

Our "personal weather station" (PWS) collects wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric, humidity, and dew point data every three seconds.

The data from the station is transmitted and shared with two internet weather reporting and forecasting services, Weather Underground and SailFlow. Each provide detailed browser and mobile app views of
the data from our PWS exclusively.

November 11, 2022 

Our station has been upgraded to a WeatherFlow Tempest. The sensor is mounted above the Dock House. A wind and temperature display is planned for the Yard Arm Bar. 

Special thanks go to Kevin Erensen, Chuck Ziegler, Captain Jeff, Edgar, and Mario for helping to make it happen.

Check out the three data views listed below

1. Live data from the RYC station

You can see the live data at https://tempestwx.com/station/85895/grid, which you can bookmark, or below. Note that you can double click on a data type to get its history.


 2. Forecast from SailFlow/WindAlert

using the SailFlow-WRF forecast model


3. See alternative predictions based on forecast model(s) you select

Note: Wind is in mph, not kns as above.

Questions or suggestions? contact Will Morrison