41°01'25" N | 73°35'30" W


 RYC's weather station

The "personal weather station" (PWS) is located atop a piling at the SW corner of Dock A. It collects wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric, humidity, and dew point data every two seconds.

The data from the station is transmitted and shared with two internet weather reporting and forecasting services, Weather Underground and SailFlow. Each provide detailed browser and mobile app views of
the data from our PWS exclusively.

August 1, 2022 

Our station has been upgraded to a WeatherFlow Tempest. The deployment is in the beta phase.  We are optimizing the location of the Tempest sensor unit to reduce transmission outages. You can see the live data here - https://tempestwx.com/station/74334/grid or here:

Weather Underground
This view will be updated to read the data from the new station.

WindAlert Forecast: 15 hours

WindAlert Forecast: 4 days

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