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Laser Racing

Riverside Yacht Club is home to Greenwich Laser Racing.  We are a one design fleet of Standard and Radial Laser sailboats which compete throughout the summer as part of regular Sunday YRALIS racing in Captain Harbor.  We also participate in other Greenwich harbor regattas (Solstice, YRA Champs, USS America) throughout the summer.  The majority of the fleet launches from Riverside Yacht Club, with a few joining us from Indian Harbor and Old Greenwich Yacht Club.  We have a great group of sailors of varying skill levels with the front runners providing on the water and post racing tips to help us amateurs improve our game.

The Laser is the world's most popular one-design class with over 215,000 boats worldwide.  The popularity of this single-handed dinghy can be attributed to its simple rigging, durability, and strict one-design standards.  It is a legendary racing sailboat for all ages of beginners and veterans alike ranging from the Club level all the way to the Olympics.  Are you up to the challenge?

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