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Recreational Sailing

Our recreational program is extremely popular and ever changing to match the excitement. The emphasis is on the fun and adventurous side of sailing. Sailors will get ample time on the water and will come away with an appreciation for the social and recreational aspects of sailing. Instructors will cover boat handling, spinnaker work and trapezing.

Participants will sail on Hobie Waves, C420s, Fevas, and Ideal18s provided by RYC.  The Hobies can accommodate groups of sailors so are perfect for fostering a love of sailing with friends.  The C420s and Fevas are exciting boats that will peak an interest in competitive sailing and can serve as a bridge to participating in the Racing groups. 

This group will informally split in accordance with interest levels. Recreational Sailing is offered as either a four week or a complete eight week session. The class is open to participants with three years of sailing experience or those with Sailing Director approval. There is no need to purchase a boat to participate in this program.

Schedule: Monday - Friday, 1:00 pm - 5:00pm. June 22-July 17 and/or July 20-August 14

Ages: 10yrs - 17yrs (must be at least 10yrs by 6/22, and not turn 18yrs prior to 8/12)

NOTE: This class is offered as one, four, or eight week sessions. Please ensure you click on the appropriate registration when you sign-up.