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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available from any RYC Sailing Instructor or our Sailing Director, Samantha Labuzetta. To book a lesson please email Samantha at [email protected] or Amelia at [email protected].

You can request a specific instructor or an instructor will be assigned based on availability. Lessons can be taken anytime outside the Junior Sailing Program hours or anytime on weekends. Select afternoon weekday appointments may be available during the Junior Sailing Program season. Private lessons are a great way for sailors to accelerate their learning curve or to make up missed time on the water after a vacation.

2024 Private Lesson Rates

 Private $110/hr weekday $120/hr weekend
 Semi Private (2 people)  $120/hr weekday (split) $130/hr weekend (split)
 Semi Private (3 people) $130/hr weekday (split) $140/hr weekend (split)
 Semi Private (4 people) $140/hr weekday (split) $150/hr weekend (split)

*For sailing lessons with the Sailing Director, an additional $25 per hour will be charged.

All private lessons are billed and processed through the accounting office. No cash payments are permitted.