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VHF74 |

Morning Program General Information

Campers Check List (what to bring to camp)

  • LABEL EVERYTHING (bring snack, towel, etc. in a tote bag with child’s name on it)
  • Sunscreen - apply at home at least 15 minutes before sun exposure
  • Bathing suit - wear to camp every day with shorts/t shirt over
  • Snack and beverage - please note we are peanut free - NO NUTS PLEASE 
  • Towel - Dry, clean and appropriate size
  • Closed toe shoes that stay on feet - no flip flops 
  • Sweatshirt - for cold days, or after swimming

Drop Off / Pick Up 

Drop Off: 9:00am (no earlier)
Please do not drop off children without an adult counselor present 

Pick Up: 12:00pm
Late fees will be assessed after 12:10pm 

Head Counselors need to be notified in advance (same morning is fine) if someone other than the parent / primary care giver will pick up a camper. 

Groups, Counselors, and Meeting Places

Tadpoles: Cathy Ferraro - Picnic Tables on the beach

Polliwogs 1: Danielle Reggina - Picnic Tables on the beach

Polliwogs 2: Natalie Uva - Picnic Tables on the beach

Minnows 1 : Nicole DiMeglio - Club Lawn, on the right as you enter the lawn 

Minnows II: Kevin Arrita - Club Lawn, opposite side of flagstone, further from the dock

Flying Fish: Reg Tucciarone - Club Lawn - on flagstone patio at the steps to the deck

Daily Activities

Beach - exploration, games, and sand creations

Arts & Crafts - to compliment the theme of the week, led by Tanya Striffler, Arts & Crafts Coordinator

Lawn Games - led by our Grass and Games Coordinator, Dan Sheldon
(This is why kids need to be in sneakers or closed toe shoes)

Swim Lessons - daily lessons are led by head counselor Jeni Allen and her team

“Special Days” and Theme Weeks – see events schedule for details


  1. Please drive slowly and carefully along Club Road (many campers walk or bike) and in the RYC parking lot. This is vital for the safety of all our children. 
  2. No SUV’s are permitted in first row - little children can be hard to spot from an SUV and this is where they enter/exit camp 
  3. For drop off and pick up - cars will be directed to drive around tennis courts for better and to keep children safe. 
  4. Please notify A.J. or your head counselor with any specific allergies or health / behavioral concerns regarding your child. 


Please check website for camp cancellations. An email will also be sent out if camp is cancelled due to rain. Please note, this can be very last minute as weather can change quickly. 

If it becomes rainy during camp, please pick up your child as we have limited covered areas - your child will be brought to a safe area until you pick them up. An email will also be sent.