4101'25" N | 7335'30" W
VHF74 |

Camper Checklist 2020


  • LABEL EVERYTHING (bring snack, towel, etc. in a tote bag with child's name on it)
  • Sunscreen- apply at home at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.  Please do not apply sunscreen in the parking lot.  There are a lot of cars pulling in and out.
  • Bathing Suit- wear to camp every day with shorts and t-shirt over it
  • Snack and beverage- please note we are peanut-free: NO NUTS PLEASE
  • Towel- Dry, clean, and appropriate size
  • Closed-toed shoes that will stay on child's feet- no flip flops
  • Sweatshirt for cold days or after swimming