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C420 Racing

This is an advanced racing class focused on improving racing and boat-handling skills. Practices will consist of spinnaker and trapeze techniques, tactics, starting strategies, and boat speed. Regattas include JSA events and local championships. When opting for a two person boat, it is extremely important that the crews and skipper discuss what they expect to achieve over the summer and agree on their level of commitment.  Skippers and crew need to be aware of each other’s absences in advance and make appropriate plans.

Prerequisite: Afternoon Opti, Recreational Sailing (8wk), or Sailing Director approval. Minimum of 4 participants required to run this program.

Schedule: Mon-Fri 1:00pm (Rigged & Ready) - 5:00pm

Age: 14-18

Minimum Combined Weight: 220 pounds

JSA Age and Weight Requirements: A sailor's age on December 31 of each year shall be considered his/her age for any event during that year.  Weight and age requirements may be requested to be waived for a specific regatta by written consent of the sailor's parent, together with recommendation of Sailing Director and the Head Instructor. Such requests are subject to acceptance solely by the regatta host club.