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2020 Junior Instructor Application

Junior Instructor (JI) applications must be submitted by February 29, 2020. Applications received after this date will only be accepted if space allows, regardless of past JI experience. Accepted JIs must attend a mandatory training meeting on June 20, 2020. Any JIs unable to attend must coordinate with the Sailing Director to arrange a make-up.

JIs must be 13yrs old by the first day of program: June 22, 2020.


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JI Job Requirements

As a JI you will be expected to assist the Instructors in varies ways as they develop and execute instruction to our various morning sailing classes. As a JI this will include, but is not limited to: demonstrating the swim and capsize test, assisting in rigging and derigging, assisting in lifting boats, demonstrating skills and techniques on land and in a boat, assisting in supervising classes on and off the water, and assisting in chalk talks including modeling good listening skills.
As a JI, you need to be flexible and comfortable to jump in as needed, including jumping into boats to skipper or crew. By agreeing to be a JI you must be comfortable sailing an Opti, Hobie Wave, and Ideal18; this includes a universal understanding of rigging, launching, docking, sailing, and boating safety.
As a JI, you need to be able to assist in Instruction including tying knots for demonstration and in practical applications. All JIs must be able to proficiently tie an eight knot, square knot, bowline, cleat, and half hitch.
I will attend the mandatory JI Training on June 20, 2020. If I cannot attend I will coordinate with the Sailing Director to schedule a make-up session. I understand that without this training I cannot work as a JI.
I understand that there are a limited number of JI slots available each day. I will arrive on time and prepared on the days I am scheduled to work. If I miss three days without notifying the Sailing Director properly I will be removed from the schedule. The JI work schedule sign-up will be sent out in early May.
I agree to adhere to all policies laid out at the JI Training as well as the RYC Junior Program Values while working as a JI or representing RYC.

Application Submission

I hereby submit my application to be in review. I will be notified in March regarding my acceptance status.

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