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Riverside Yacht Club Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available from any RYC Sailing Instructor or our Sailing Director, Samantha Labuzetta. To book a lesson please email Samantha at [email protected] or call the Club.

You can request a specific instructor or an instructor will be assigned based on availability. Lessons can be taken anytime outside the Junior Sailing Program hours of 9am - 5pm on weekdays or anytime on weekends. Private lessons are a great way for sailors to accelerate their learning curve or to make up missed time on the water after a vacation.

2021 Private Lesson Rates

 Private $100/hr weekday $110/hr weekend
 Semi Private (2 people)  $110/hr weekday (split) $120/hr weekend (split)
 Semi Private (3 people) $120/hr weekday (split) $130/hr weekend (split)
 Semi Private (4 people) $130/hr weekday (split) $140/hr weekend (split)

*For sailing lessons with the Sailing Director, an additional $20 per hour will be charged.

All private lessons are billed and processed through the accounting office. No cash payments are permitted.